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Ventrino Timer Fix

The timer fix for Ventrino Exchanges corrects a problem with the timer in the newest versions of Firefox and Chrome that would stop the timer when the tab is out of focus.

Cost: $15

Easy Delete Reports and Contacts

Allows you to easily delete some or all of the site reports and contact requests in your admin area.

Cost: $15

No Resizing

Having a problem with users resizing the surfbar so they don’t have to view the website? Not a problem with this. ‘No Resizing’ has settings that allow you to determine the absolute minimum height and width you will allow members to surf, as well as the ability to detect the maximized window size for the most common browsers and attempt to enforce maximized window viewing. Even should a member find a way to bypass this new enforcement, their viewing height and width will be logged so you can see who is trying to cheat.

Cost: $45

Shoutbox Chat

A shoutbox in your surfbar will allow members to communicate with each other while surfing. This shoutbox supports multiple channels, allowing it to be easilly fit in with the team surfing mod. Also supported are multiple moderators and full smiley maintenance within the admin area.

Cost: $60

Mass-payout Support

With this mod, you can download a text file within your admin area that will allow you to instantly pay all commissions above your site’s cashout threshold at once within Paypal. Members need only add their paypal address within their admin area and never worry about cashout requests again. This allows you to easily schedule when you will make your payouts – at your convenience.

Cost: $45

Buffs Mod

The buffs mod allow members to recieve unique items while surfing, called buffs, that will alter the timer, the surf rate, and maybe even allow them to receive random referrals for the rest of the day. Fully configurable in admin area, members can receive instant buffs that are active immediately or collected buffs that they can save for a powersurfing session.

Cost: $60

Team Surfing

This is a pre-made, ready to go, teamsurfing mod that can be installed quickly. It allows users to create an manage teams and may be set to allow this privilege by account type. Teams may be awarded a percentage of a jackpot, or a hard set value at reset each week. Settings in admin allow you to adjust the amount of points earned per pageview. Additional features may be custom ordered by request.

Cost: $90

Easy Unsubscribe

For LJScript exchanges. This allows users to delete their accounts easily through an email link, in order for CAN-SPAM Act compliance. Accounts will be deleted through this mod, and the user will no longer recieve an email from your exchange.

Cost: $25

Hover Surf

For LJScript exchanges. Hover surfing is gaining much popularity, and users really love it. Want to add this feature to your surfbar so that members can surf without having to click? This mod offers hovering for a single button surf, or for the default LJScript click buttons for added security. Can be turned off in admin, and single button surfbars uploaded easily as well.

Cost: $45

Admin Sortable

Also for LJScript exchanges. Admin pages hard to follow? Wish they had more functionality, could sort the menus by username, user id, url, id, or other fields? Now you can, with this mod that easily installs into ljscript exchanges you’ll be able to find users, sites, reports, banners, and textads much easier by sorting those lists the way you need.

Cost: $35


Worried about cheaters? Don’t be, cause the captcha mod provides you with a completely dynamic question that a bot can not answer. Simple for users, and a dead-bolt lock for your exchange. All they have to do is put in a six digit code. Captcha is a popular and efficient method of preventing bot activity on many modern websites.

Cost: $30

Banner Exchange

Sure, your traffic exchange does pageviews great. And you offer banner ads as well. But what about turning those banner ads you offer into a banner exchange? With this mod users can put a little bit of code on their website and show your up your exchange’s banners. Immediately expand your exchange’s market, just with one little mod.

Cost: $50

Text-Ad Exchange

So you like the thought of our banner exchange? And you wanna do the same thing with your text ads. Not a problem. This mod has the added feature of allowing members to select the template of the text ads.

Cost: $50

The Letter Hunt

A mini game in the surfbar that allows members of your traffic exchange to collect letters as they surf.

Cost: $45

Downline Builder

A small module for traffic exchanges that allows you to create a downline builder within your exchange.

Cost: $45

Private Messaging

Put a private messaging facility in your traffic exchange that allows members to communicate with each other without the fear of spam complaints.

Cost: $60

Referral Tracking

A small mod that keeps track of what sites new signups are coming from and logs it so members can see.

Cost: $25


Show a history of sites your members have visited in your exchange so they can go back and revisit them.

Cost: $20

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