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Firefox Download Day Update

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Nearly 8 Million Downloads on the counter. Those are the unofficial results so far from Mozilla as people around the world downloaded the newest release of their browser – Firefox 3. There were a few blunders. As I pointed out yesterday and CNN later reported, the traffic to Mozilla’s download sites was so intense that […]

The Fox is Down?

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It is officially Download Day for Mozilla Firefox 3, your chance to help set a world record for most software downloads in a single day by downloading Mozilla’s Firefox 3 official release. Or it would be your chance, if it didn’t appear as though Mozilla’s websites are down. I’m attempting to upgrade my browser, but […]

Firefox hits 1 Million Pledges

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I wrote about Download Day a little over a week ago and now the folks at Mozilla have recieved 1 Million pledges to support their attempt at a record number of downloads that will correspond with the general release of Firefox 3. This is 1 fifth of their goal to get 5 million downloads on […]