“Easy Unsubscribe” and CANSPAM Compliance

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Tim Linden of StartXchange wrote today about Traffic Exchange owners who aren’t complying with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Article: The Big Bad List

This law, in a nutshell, was signed by President Bush in 2003, sets forth requirements for businesses sending commercial email, and did absolutely nothing to reduce the amount of SPAM sent over the internet. It states that “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service (including content on an Internet website operated for a commercial purpose)” must have the following.

  1. An unsubscribe link, that works, in all emails sent
  2. Requests to unsubscribe from a list are honored within 10 days
  3. Opt-out lists are only used for complying with the law (and not sold to someone else so they can add them to their list)

Tim listed 20 traffic exchanges that sent him emails without an unusbscribe mechanism in place to comply with the CAN-SPAM act, most of which are LJScript exchanges. In order to opt out of an LJScript you would typically need to delete your account. The script itself does not supply an easily usable link to simply unsubscribe/delete the account.

Until now.

I’ve recieved two inquiries in the past couple weeks about a mod that would do this, and after reading Tim’s post I decided to push it out quickly. The Easy Unsubscribe mod is ready for use by LJScript exchanges. It will cost $25 and could be installed in a matter of minutes.

The mod allows users to click a link, which will be in each email sent out by the Admin, and unsubscribe. At the page, they will be asked for their password for security purposes. After they provide the password they click unsubscribe and their account is deleted.

Update Tim informs me that asking for a password isn’t CAN-SPAM compliant either, and while not as secure, the mod is updated so it will request their email address instead.

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