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I recently talked about search queries that Foponet is seen in and was looking more into the stats here as I sometimes do. While I am a Geek and this site is a tech site, most of the people visiting here are using Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer 6 was the highlight of Microsoft developement, literally. It was the number one browser used on the internet for four years and is still, depressingly, going strong.

The most probable reason I would think for this is due to Windows2000 and older machines not capable of upgrading to Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft launched an aggressive upgrade campaign to force these users to upgrade to Windows XP by phasing out older systems in this way. You simply can’t install IE7 on Windows2000.

Windows XP has come with Service Pack 2 preinstalled for several years now, and automatic updates began installing IE7 – automatically – a while ago, so anyone with IE6 on Windows XP probably isn’t running automatic updates.

But my stats don’t confirm this. The top operating system for visitors here at Foponet is Windows XP. In fact, the laptop I’m using which has Windows2000 on it is one of the few visiting this site with Windows2000.

So why the IE6? Why is it still going so strong?

I have no idea, but it is. Which brings me to my message. My message to those using Internet Explorer 6 as well as older versions of Firefox, Opera, and Safari to take a few moments out of your time to upgrade your browser and Save the Developers.

The Save the Developers campaign is an online movement to get people to upgrade these browsers. If you’re on Windows2000 and can’t upgrade to IE7, then try out Firefox or Opera. Firefox I know works perfectly on Windows2000. If for some reason you just haven’t gotten out of the rut of IE6 then take a few moments to visit the Save the Developers campaign site and see how you can upgrade. Not only will you be more standards complient, but websites will look nicer and you’ll have many more features available to you.

Check it out!

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