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Can Thumbvu Overcome Old Habits?

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A new generation of traffic exchanges was launched last week, called Thumbvu from a long term veteran John Guanzon, which allows you to surf sites you’d like to see based on a thumbnailed screenshot of the website. Thumbvu also takes a leading position in merging social media with traffic exchanges, integrating Facebook, Twitter, and even […]

Search Queries

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Are you familiar with the search queries your site is indexed for? Apparently I wasn’t, as I just found that thanks to the insane amount of spam in the live shoutbox I have here on Four Points Cardinal my site is indexed very well in certain searches. Some of which are rated X. According to […]

Firefox Addon – ScribeFire

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I installed Scribefire last week, a Firefox extension that packs a punch for bloggers. It adds a new lightweight blogging interface to Firefox, allowing you to post to a blog without logging into the back end by adding a new posting interface directly into Firefox. Scribefire supports WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal, Textpattern, Roller, Metablog API, […]

Online Economics and those who oppose it

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Firefox is endorsing a new plugin called adblock plus. This one little plugin is causing a stir amongst internet advertisers and those who would block them. From The Mozilla Foundation and its Commercial arm, the Mozilla Corporation, has allowed and endorsed Ad Block Plus, a plug-in that blocks advertisement on web sites and also […]